Before his dismissal from All Elite Wrestling, CM Punk had been referring to himself as the ‘Real’ World Champion. This led a section of fans to anticipate that he would eventually face MJF in a match. However, things took an unexpected turn following CM Punk’s termination after the All In 2023 incident involving Jack Perry.

In light of these events, AEW decided on an alternative route: a showdown between MJF and Samoa Joe was set into motion 🤼‍♂️ The wrestling world buzzed with anticipation over this new development.

The prospect of seeing Samoa Joe lock horns with MJF offered its own unique appeal. Both wrestlers have made their mark in professional wrestling through their distinctive styles and personalities. Samoa Joe is known for his brute strength and aggressive style while MJF has earned recognition for his charisma and heel character.

CM Punk’s departure from AEW came as a shock to many within the industry; however, it opened up opportunities for other narratives to be explored in the ring – one such being the planned bout between Samoa Joe and MJF.

Fans were left wondering how this match-up would play out given each wrestler’s unique strengths and tactics. Would we see Samoa Joe dominate with his raw power? Or could we expect some cunning strategies from master manipulator MJF?

The decision by AEW management showed adaptability amidst unforeseen circumstances – turning what could have been seen as a setback into an opportunity for fresh storylines which continue to keep audiences captivated.

While there are undoubtedly those who still lament not witnessing what might have happened had CM Punk faced off against MJF, there is also excitement about what lies ahead now that plans are underway for an encounter between Samurai Joe vs. MFJ.

In conclusion, although changes had to be made due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding CM Punk’s exit from AEW post-All In 2023 incident with Jack Perry; they’ve managed not only to maintain but also amplify the interest of their fan base with the announcement of a match between Samoa Joe and MJF. This is indicative of AEW’s commitment to providing high-quality entertainment for its audience, even in the face of unexpected challenges.


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