In the world of professional wrestling, it seems that plans are always changing and evolving. One such plan was reportedly in place involving Samoa Joe and MJF before a major shake-up occurred within All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Before he was released from AEW, CM Punk had been referring to himself as the ‘Real’ World Champion. This self-proclaimed title led many fans to speculate about an upcoming match between him and MJF. However, following an incident at All In 2023 with Jack Perry, which resulted in CM Punk’s termination from AEW, the company decided on a different course.

Instead of going ahead with the much-anticipated face-off between Punk and MJF, they opted for a showdown featuring another well-known wrestler – Samoa Joe. It appears that this decision was made quickly after CM Punk’s exit as part of their strategy to keep viewers engaged despite losing one of their top stars.

This development raises several interesting questions about what could have been if things had gone differently. Would we have seen a classic encounter between two great rivals? Or would it have turned into just another forgettable event?

While we may never know for sure how things might have unfolded if CM Punk hadn’t left AEW under such controversial circumstances 🤔 , one thing is clear: The choice to pit Samoa Joe against MJF shows that AEW isn’t afraid to switch gears when necessary.

Samoa Joe vs. MJF is undoubtedly an intriguing prospect for any wrestling fan who appreciates high-quality matches filled with intense action and compelling storylines.

It also speaks volumes about both wrestlers’ stature within the industry that they were chosen as replacements for someone like CM Punk who has achieved so much success throughout his career.

As time goes on, it will be fascinating to see how these events play out in shaping future narratives within AEW.

What does this mean for other wrestlers currently signed up with the promotion? Could they also find themselves in similar situations where plans suddenly change due to unforeseen circumstances?

Only time will tell, but for now, fans can look forward to the Samoa Joe vs. MJF match and hope that it delivers on its promise of being a memorable encounter.

In conclusion, while there are often many twists and turns within professional wrestling – both inside and outside the ring – this latest development reaffirms just how unpredictable this industry can be. As fans eagerly await what’s next, one thing remains certain: AEW continues to keep us guessing with their ever-changing plans.


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