Before he was dismissed from All Elite Wrestling, CM Punk had crowned himself the ‘Real’ World Champion. This declaration sparked speculation among fans that a showdown with MJF could be on the horizon. However, following an incident involving Jack Perry at All In 2023, CM Punk’s contract with AEW was terminated.

Despite this unexpected turn of events, it seems that there were already plans in place for a different match-up. It has been reported that prior to CM Punk’s dismissal from AEW, a face-off between Samoa Joe and MJF had been planned 🤼‍♂️.

Samoa Joe is no stranger to wrestling fans; his impressive career spans multiple promotions and championships. Known for his intense style and formidable strength, Joe would have presented a significant challenge for MJF.

On the other hand, Maxwell Jacob Friedman – better known as MJF – is one of professional wrestling’s rising stars. With his quick wit and undeniable charisma both inside and outside the ring, he has quickly become one of AEW’s most popular figures.

The prospect of these two powerhouses colliding in the ring would undoubtedly have made for an unforgettable spectacle. Fans can only wonder how such a contest might have unfolded – who would have emerged victorious? What strategies might each competitor have employed?

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding CM Punk’s termination from AEW after the incident with Jack Perry during All In 2023 event led to changes in plans resulting into cancelling this much anticipated bout between Samoa Joe vs MJF .

While we may never know exactly what went on behind closed doors at AEW headquarters or what prompted these decisions , it does raise questions about future matches . As always , though , one thing remains certain: whether they’re cheering or booing , fans will continue watching eagerly as new storylines unfold .

In conclusion while it is disappointing news for many wrestling enthusiasts around globe who were waiting anxiously for this match , it is also a reminder of how unpredictable and exciting the world of professional wrestling can be. We can only hope that AEW will continue to deliver thrilling matches, unexpected twists, and unforgettable moments in the years to come.


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