Booker T – CM Punk Was Easy To Work With On WWE Backstage, Also Standoffish 😎

Former professional wrestler Booker T recently opened up about his experience working with CM Punk on the popular show WWE Backstage. Despite some initial reservations, Booker T found it surprisingly easy to collaborate with the future AEW World Champion. However, he also mentioned that there were moments when Punk displayed a standoffish attitude.

WWE Backstage aired from November 2019 to January 2021 and featured a panel of analysts discussing various wrestling-related topics. It was particularly noteworthy because it marked CM Punk’s return to WWE-affiliated programming after an absence of six years since 2014.

During a recent interview, Booker T shed light on his interactions with CM Punk during their time together on WWE Backstage. He acknowledged that while there were instances where Punk seemed distant or aloof, overall, their working relationship was smooth and enjoyable.

Booker T expressed admiration for CM Punk’s talent and contributions to the world of professional wrestling. Despite any perceived standoffishness, he recognized that everyone has different personalities and ways of approaching work. This understanding allowed him to appreciate the collaboration they shared.

The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion emphasized that professionalism is crucial in such situations. Regardless of personal differences or occasional clashes in temperament, wrestlers must remain focused on delivering quality performances for the audience.

CM Punk’s presence on WWE Backstage generated significant buzz among fans and industry insiders alike due to his previous departure from mainstream wrestling promotions. His return as part of this unique program provided an opportunity for viewers to witness his insights into current events within the industry.

While many speculated about potential conflicts between CM Punk and other panel members given his reputation for being outspoken, Booker T revealed that their dynamic was far more harmonious than anticipated. They managed not only to coexist but also deliver engaging discussions during each episode.

As news broke regarding CM Punk’s subsequent departure from WWE Backstage and eventual signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), fans were left wondering about the impact it would have on his relationship with Booker T and others. However, at this time, no official statements have been made regarding any strained ties between them.

Booker T’s comments shed light on a side of CM Punk that may not be immediately apparent to those outside the wrestling industry. Despite occasional standoffishness, he was able to work effectively with his colleagues and contribute positively to WWE Backstage.

In conclusion, Booker T’s insights into working with CM Punk


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