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Brock Lesnar has signed several agreements with WWE, According to Dana White

Brock Lesnar has signed several agreements with WWE, According to Dana White


Brock Lesnar has signed several agreements with WWE, According to Dana White

Dana White answered several questions from the media at UFC press conference that took place yesterday on the occasion of show 231. The UFC president spoke about Brock Lesnar and the hypothetical fight against Daniel Cormier, who is recovering from an injury that has dragged since he won the Heavyweight Championship in July.

White was forceful when it came to talking about the state of Brock Lesnar, as he assured that the current Universal champion recently signed a lot of agreements with WWE. Yeah, I don’t know. So, one of the guys I had met with yesterday during PR told me that he had heard that Brock Lesnar just signed a bunch of new WWE deals. ” White said.

On the fight between Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier, Dana White commented:

“I’m not focused on Brock Lesnar this week, you know what I mean? If I needed to talk to Brock, I’d pick him up and call him when I needed to, but what are you saying? Because you’re asking me these questions I should call Brock and see what’s going on?

I don’t know. Daniel Cormier is hurt, so it doesn’t matter right now. If you guys [the media] knew how much sh*t I have to do in a day, OK? I’m not working on stuff that I need to work on later. I’m working on stuff that needs to be done now. Daniel’s hurt. He’s out for a while. I don’t know what Brock’s doing, but as Daniel starts to get better and we start looking at dates that Cormier might defend his title, I’ll be calling Brock or somebody at 205 because Daniel told me he still wants to fight at 205. He wants to fight there.”

Brock Lesnar signed a new agreement with WWE before the Crown Jewel celebration. The original plan was for Roman Reigns to win the triple threat of the Saudi Arabian show and for Brock Lesnar to go to the UFC. However, the plans changed due to the departure of Roman Reigns for leukemia and WWE decided to renew Brock Lesnar by offering him a good contract. Vince McMahon began negotiations with Brock Lesnar when he learned about the Roman Reigns problem.

The negotiation with Lesnar occurred on October 18, 5 days before Roman Reigns announced his departure on Monday Night Raw. In the agreement their appearances were agreed, which would be carried out in Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and also in an indeterminate number of Monday Night Raw shows.


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