In a recent media interaction following the AEW All Out 2023 event, Bryan Danielson shared insights into his and Jon Moxley’s contributions to AEW. Despite facing setbacks, both wrestling superstars have made significant strides within the organization. 🤼‍♂️

Danielson, who recently returned from an injury, faced Ricky Starks in a match that was initially rumored for CM Punk at the All Out 2023 event. However, Punk was abruptly let go from AEW, resulting in a change of plans.

Danielson’s return to the ring was highly anticipated, with fans eagerly awaiting his comeback. His match against Starks not only marked his return but also showcased his resilience and commitment to the sport. Despite his recent setback, Danielson put on a stellar performance, reminding everyone of his capabilities.

Similarly, Jon Moxley has been instrumental in enhancing AEW’s reputation. Known for his fearless style and charismatic presence, Moxley has consistently delivered memorable performances. Even though he has faced his share of challenges, Moxley’s contributions to AEW are undeniable.

Both Danielson and Moxley’s contributions extend beyond their individual performances. They have played a crucial role in fostering a competitive and exciting environment within AEW. Their passion for wrestling and dedication to their craft have significantly influenced the overall vibe of the organization.

However, their journey has not been without obstacles. From dealing with injuries and personal issues to adjusting to a new environment, both wrestlers have had to overcome numerous hurdles. Yet, they have managed to rise above these challenges and continue to make their mark in AEW.

Danielson’s and Moxley’s impact can also be seen in the growing popularity of AEW. Their matches draw large audiences, and their charismatic personalities resonate with fans worldwide. They have helped establish AEW as a formidable force in professional wrestling.

Moreover, their influence extends to the music associated with the organization. The licensed songs used in AEW events often reflect the wrestlers’ personas and add another layer to their performances. These song choices contribute to the overall atmosphere of the events and further enhance the audience’s experience.

In conclusion, Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley’s contributions to AEW cannot be overstated. Despite their setbacks, they have continually stepped up, delivering captivating performances and significantly influencing the organization’s growth and popularity. Their passion, resilience, and sheer talent have cemented their status as invaluable members of the AEW roster.

As AEW continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly continue to benefit from the contributions of these two remarkable wrestlers. Their ongoing commitment to the sport and their ability to inspire others promises an exciting future for AEW.


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