Bully Ray, a WWE/Impact Hall of Famer, has come forward to defend Tiffany Stratton following her recent loss in this week’s NXT. He firmly believes that the notion of Stratton being ‘buried’ is complete nonsense.

Stratton recently lost the NXT Women’s Championship to Becky Lynch, which led some fans and critics alike to speculate that she was being sidelined or ‘buried’. This term typically refers to when a professional wrestler appears less frequently on programming or loses more matches than they win. It can often be seen as an indication that their career may be on a downward trajectory.

However, Bully Ray vehemently disagrees with such assertions about Stratton. On “Busted Open Radio”, he expressed his opinion loud and clear regarding these speculations surrounding the young Superstar’s future in wrestling.

“Calling it like I see it,” said Bully Ray during his radio segment. “Saying Tiffany Stratton has been buried is absolute bulls**t.”

In defending Stratton, Ray highlighted how losses are part and parcel of every wrestler’s journey. They do not necessarily indicate an end but instead could mark the beginning of new storylines and character development opportunities for wrestlers.

“It’s far too early to make such drastic assumptions,” continued Ray while discussing how losing one match does not define a wrestler’s entire career 😊

He further emphasized that even top-tier talents have faced defeats at different points in their careers before bouncing back stronger than ever before.

Ray also took time out during his talk show segment to praise both women involved in the championship match – commending them for putting up an impressive performance regardless of who emerged victorious by the end.

“I want people watching out there to understand something – losing doesn’t mean you’re done; it means you’ve just begun,” stated Bully Ray passionately towards the end of his broadcasted discussion

As someone who has spent decades within professional wrestling industry himself, Bully Ray’s words carry significant weight. His defense of Stratton serves as a reminder to fans and critics alike that one loss does not spell doom.

In conclusion, while Tiffany Stratton may have lost the NXT Women’s Championship this week, according to Bully Ray, it is far from an indication that she has been ‘buried’. Instead, it could be seen as another step in her journey – a journey which is still very much ongoing.


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