Cardi B Is Interested In Coming To WWE To “Slap A B**ch”, Chelsea Green Responds

Rapper Cardi B has expressed her interest in making an appearance at a WWE event. The popular artist, known for her hit songs and outspoken personality, recently discussed her love for professional wrestling on the “Hot 97” podcast.

During the interview, Cardi B was asked if she would be interested in having a match in WWE similar to Bad Bunny’s recent involvement with the company. Without hesitation, she responded affirmatively and even added that she would like to “slap a b**ch” inside the squared circle.

This statement caught the attention of many fans and fellow wrestlers alike. One such individual who took notice was Chelsea Green, another talented performer in the world of professional wrestling. Green promptly responded to Cardi B’s comments through social media.

While it remains uncertain whether Cardi B will actually step foot inside a WWE ring, her enthusiasm is undeniable. Her interest adds yet another layer of excitement to an already thrilling industry where celebrities often make appearances to showcase their skills or engage in memorable moments.

The crossover between music and wrestling is not entirely new; numerous musicians have dabbled in this unique form of entertainment over the years. From Cyndi Lauper managing Wendi Richter back in the 1980s to Snoop Dogg appearing at WrestleMania XXIV, there is no shortage of examples illustrating how these two worlds can collide.

If Cardi B were indeed to enter WWE as an active participant rather than just a spectator or guest host, it would undoubtedly create significant buzz among both wrestling enthusiasts and music fans worldwide. It could potentially open doors for other artists who aspire to showcase their athleticism within this larger-than-life environment.

The prospect of seeing Cardi B compete against some of WWE’s top female talent is intriguing. With her fierce attitude and undeniable star power, she could bring a unique flavor to the already diverse roster of women wrestlers. Her involvement could potentially lead to fresh storylines, unexpected alliances, and unforgettable matches.

While some may question Cardi B’s wrestling abilities or dismiss her interest as mere publicity, it is important to remember that many wrestlers have started their careers with little to no experience. With proper training and dedication, anyone can learn the art of professional wrestling and deliver compelling performances inside the ring.

Moreover, Cardi B has proven time and again that she is not afraid to take on new challenges. Whether it be breaking records in


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