In a recent turn of events, Cash Wheeler made an apparent reference to CM Punk on AEW Collision. This took place despite CM Punk’s time with AEW having come to an end. The reference was made mere hours after Punk’s release from AEW was confirmed.

The release of Punk from AEW stemmed from an investigation into what had transpired backstage at AEW All In. This was a surprise to many fans as Punk had been a prominent figure in the wrestling scene for quite some time. His departure has left a void that many are curious to see who will fill.

During this eventful episode of AEW Collision, Cash Wheeler, a member of FTR, subtly referenced CM Punk during his entrance. This was an unexpected moment that caught the attention of fans and spectators alike. It is unclear whether this was a planned move or a spontaneous decision by Wheeler.

Wrestling, like any other sport, is not just about the physical fight but also the psychological warfare. In this context, Wheeler’s reference to Punk can be seen as a strategic move to assert dominance or to unsettle his opponents. It could also be a way to pay tribute to Punk, acknowledging his contributions to AEW.

However, Wheeler’s reference to Punk raises several questions. Was it a sign of respect or a subtle jab? Was Wheeler trying to make a statement, or was he simply stirring the pot? Regardless of the intention behind it, this move certainly added an extra layer of intrigue to the event.

The timing of this reference is also noteworthy. It came right before Collision went on air, adding an element of surprise for viewers tuning in. The timing also suggests that the news of Punk’s release was fresh in everyone’s mind, making the reference even more impactful.

The world of professional wrestling is often filled with drama both inside and outside the ring. This incident serves as a reminder of how intertwined personal relationships and professional rivalries can be in this industry. It goes to show that even when a wrestler is no longer part of the roster, their influence can still be felt.

As the dust settles on this incident, fans and critics alike will be watching closely to see what comes next. Will there be further references to Punk in future AEW events? Will other wrestlers follow Wheeler’s lead and make their own comments? Only time will tell.

One thing is certain, though: this incident has added an interesting twist to the ongoing narrative of AEW. Whether intentional or not, Wheeler’s reference to Punk has sparked discussions and piqued interest among fans. This is a testament to the power of storytelling in wrestling, where every move can have significant implications.

In conclusion, the world of wrestling is as much about the drama and storylines as it is about the physical matches. This recent event involving Cash Wheeler and CM Punk is a stark reminder of this fact. It leaves fans anticipating what will happen next in the unpredictable world of AEW. 🤼


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