Christian Cage, renowned wrestling star, announced with a smile that he has signed a substantial new contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The news came during the post-AEW All Out 2023 media scrum, where Cage shared his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Among the subjects that were discussed, Luchasaurus’ victory over Darby Allin was a significant talking point. Cage expressed his admiration for both wrestlers, acknowledging their passion and dedication to the sport. However, he was particularly impressed by Luchasaurus’s performance, which led to a well-deserved win.

Cage also addressed the buzz about Edge potentially joining AEW. Although he didn’t confirm the rumor, he expressed excitement at the prospect of having more talent join the AEW family. He stated, “The more the merrier. AEW is a place that thrives on diversity and competition.”

The major highlight of the discussion was, undoubtedly, his announcement about his new contract with AEW. The audience erupted in applause as Cage revealed, “I’ve signed a big fat contract with AEW.” His statement was met with enthusiasm from fans and fellow wrestlers alike, marking a promising new chapter in his wrestling career.

It’s worth noting that Christian was mainly in kayfabe, a term used in professional wrestling to mean maintaining character and storyline continuity before, during, and after shows. Even so, his excitement was palpable, reflecting his genuine enthusiasm for the next stage of his career.

Cage’s decision to renew his contract with AEW signifies his commitment to the organization. It shows that he believes in AEW’s vision and is ready to contribute his skills and experience to help achieve it. This is indeed good news for AEW fans, who can look forward to seeing more of Cage’s electrifying performances in the ring.

Moreover, Cage’s new contract is a testament to AEW’s growth and success. By securing a star of Cage’s caliber, AEW is demonstrating its ability to attract and retain top talent. This move is likely to have a positive impact on AEW’s reputation, strengthening its position in the competitive world of professional wrestling.

In conclusion, Christian Cage’s announcement of his new contract with AEW is a significant development for both the wrestler and the organization. As Cage embarks on this exciting new journey with AEW, fans can expect to witness more thrilling matches and memorable moments. And with the potential addition of more talent like Edge, AEW’s future looks brighter than ever. 🎉


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