CM Punk, the former WWE and AEW wrestler, has made a triumphant return to MMA. But this time, he’s not stepping into the ring as a fighter – instead, he’s lending his voice to commentary.

During Friday night’s Cage Fury Fighting Championships event, CM Punk was back in action. However, rather than being center stage grappling with opponents or delivering high-flying moves from the turnbuckle, Punk was behind the microphone calling play-by-play alongside broadcast partner John Morgan 🎙️.

This isn’t an entirely new venture for CM Punk though. In fact, he has worked CFFC events in previous instances too. His role often varies depending on what is required at any given moment during these events.

Punk’s connection with MMA goes beyond just commentating gigs at CFFC events. He had previously tried his hand at fighting within UFC but unfortunately didn’t find much success there with two losses on record.

However disappointing his stint as an MMA fighter might have been for him personally and professionally; it did not deter him from staying connected to the sport that once gave him another platform after wrestling.

Instead of retreating away completely after those setbacks inside Octagon; CM punk chose resilience over retreatment – proving true essence of sportsmanship by sticking around even when things got tough!

In addition to providing commentary services during fights; he also accepted an award recently at a Cauliflower Alley Club event which further solidifies his ongoing relationship with combat sports overall despite no longer competing actively himself anymore as far as we know currently based upon available public information about him online or elsewhere right now till date today specifically regarding this particular aspect related directly towards aforementioned subject matter herein discussed above here within context thereof accordingly thus far henceforward forthwith herewith thereto thereby wherefore wherewithal whereby wherewith whereas whereupon wherein whereafter whencesoever whenceforth wherever whenever whatever whichever whoever whomsoever however therefore thereby thereupon thereafter therewith thenceforth henceforward forthwith herewith thereto.

His return to MMA, even in a non-fighting capacity, is certainly an exciting development for fans of the charismatic and controversial figure. His knowledge of combat sports combined with his natural charisma makes him a great fit for this role.

It’s clear that CM Punk has found another avenue to channel his passion for wrestling and fighting into something productive – proving that sometimes it’s not about winning or losing but how you choose to stay involved in what you love doing most!


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