In a surprising development that may have left many disappointed, CM Punk has maintained his silence since his dismissal from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) following the AEW All In 2023 event. However, he made an unexpected public appearance during Friday night’s Cage Fury Fighting Championships event.

Known for his outspoken nature and confrontational attitude in the wrestling ring, CM Punk’s sudden quietness post-firing raised many eyebrows among fans and fellow wrestlers alike. His absence was felt deeply within the wrestling community which had come to appreciate his unique brand of entertainment.

During this recent MMA event, however, Punk broke away from this silence as he joined John Morgan on commentary duties. The occasion marked not only Punk’s first public outing since being let go by AEW but also served as a platform where references to this controversial firing were made.

🎙️John Morgan, CM Punk’s broadcast partner at the MMA event did not shy away from discussing what many consider being one of the most shocking developments in professional wrestling history – CM Punk’s termination from AEW. As they provided commentary for intense fight sequences inside the cage, there were subtle yet unmistakable mentions about AEW and its decision regarding CM Punk.

Punk himself remained composed throughout these instances maintaining professionalism while providing insightful comments on fights without diverting attention towards personal matters. This demonstrated once again why he is considered one of pro-wrestling’s greatest talents with an ability to adapt seamlessly into different roles whether it be fighting inside a ring or commentating outside it.

The incident serves as another chapter in what has been quite an intriguing journey for Phil Brooks aka ‘CM Punk’ post-AEW era. From facing criticism over certain actions during his tenure at WWE to making headlines due to unexpected exit from AEW; each step seems like part of an intricate storyline that could only belong to someone like him – unpredictable yet fascinatingly compelling.

However despite all odds against him including a high-profile firing, CM Punk’s appearance at the MMA event and his subsequent performance in commentary box indicates that he is far from being finished. On contrary, it suggests that Punk is ready to embrace new challenges outside wrestling ring while continuing to entertain fans in his own unique way.

In conclusion, this recent incident involving CM Punk and John Morgan has added another layer of intrigue to former’s ongoing narrative post-AEW era. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for this controversial yet charismatic figure as he navigates through uncharted territories beyond professional wrestling.


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