Cody Rhodes’ Stardust Mask Originally Looked Like A ‘C*ndom Blowing Up’ 😮

Professional wrestler Cody Rhodes recently shared an interesting revelation about his time in WWE during a podcast interview. On the “Dale Jr. Download” podcast, Rhodes disclosed that there was once a proposal for him to wear a mask as his character Stardust, and it apparently resembled “a c*ndom blowing up.” 🙈

Rhodes, who is known for his various wrestling personas and captivating performances, opened up about this peculiar idea from the creative team at WWE. While it may sound bizarre, such outlandish concepts are not uncommon in the world of professional wrestling.

During the podcast episode, Rhodes also took the opportunity to offer some advice to aspiring wrestlers and younger talent looking to make it big in the industry. He emphasized the importance of being in peak physical condition and striving to be in the spotlight.

Being physically fit has always been crucial for success in professional wrestling. The demanding nature of this sport requires athletes to have exceptional stamina, strength, and agility. By maintaining excellent fitness levels, wrestlers can enhance their performance inside the ring and captivate audiences with their athleticism.

Rhodes’ advice serves as a reminder that hard work pays off when pursuing one’s dreams within any field or profession. Whether it’s wrestling or any other career path, putting effort into honing one’s craft is essential for standing out from competitors.

The mention of Cody Rhodes wearing a unique mask resembling “a c*ndom blowing up” might raise eyebrows among fans familiar with his Stardust persona. This particular character had its own distinct appearance characterized by flamboyant costumes and face paint designs.

Stardust was undoubtedly one of Cody Rhodes’ most memorable characters during his tenure with WWE. The enigmatic persona allowed him to showcase his versatility as a performer while entertaining fans around the globe.

While wearing masks is not uncommon in professional wrestling, the proposed design for Stardust’s mask was undoubtedly unconventional. It is fascinating to learn about the creative ideas that are discussed behind closed doors, even if they don’t ultimately come to fruition.

In conclusion, Cody Rhodes’ revelation about WWE’s proposal for his Stardust mask adds an intriguing layer to his already remarkable career. The world of professional wrestling has always been known for its eccentricity and willingness to push boundaries. Rhodes’ advice for aspiring wrestlers serves as a reminder of the dedication required to succeed in any competitive field.

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