UFC Top-ranked welterweight fighter Colby Covington has confirmed that he will face champion Kamaru Usman in a rematch in five-month (November) and the fight could be held at Madison Square Garden or Las Vegas.

“It is official. I’ve signed my bout agreement. I know Usman’s signed his side. They paid him finally enough money to come take this ass whoopin, so it’s going down,” Covington told Submission Radio.

“And it looks like it’s going to happen in Madison Square Garden on November 6th baring any crazy calls from the government officials over there.”

With the national rise in COVID cases, it’s tough to predict whether it will held in Maddison Square Garden in November, however, Covington has confidence that the date won’t change.

“There’s still a lot of hoops to go through before November 6th, but that’s the date it will happen. If it doesn’t happen in New York, I would assume that it happens in the home city of the UFC which is Las Vegas,” he said.

Usman won fight with Covington in the UFC 245  event via iin their first meeting in December 2019. however, Covington himself considers the loss to Usman a lucky coincidence and called it “fluke.”

“He knows he got lucky the first time we fought. It was an uneven playing field that night. It’s going to be to a completely different outcome this time,” Covington said.

“He know the first time we fought it was a fluke. I slipped on a banana peel in the fifth round. I was beating him three rounds to one. That was my fight. He knows that. Deep down inside, he knows that.”

“I’m ready to go out there and smash him,” Covington said. “I’m going to completely dismantle Usman on November 6th and I’m going to show that I’m levels above anybody in this organization.”

“I’m going to finish Marty Fake Newsman. It’s not going to the judges, and there’s not going to be a ref in there to save him and stop my momentum. I will finish him inside that octagon, and I will be crowned undisputed welterweight champion of the world,” he said.

Colby Covington is currently #1 in the UFC welterweight rankings.

He started his fighting career as a wrestler at Thurston High School in Springfield, he lettered all four years and won the 171 lb state championship.

In the latter years, he has been dominating in UFC and for now, looks forward to a rematch with Kamaru Usman.


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