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Conor McGregor to WWE?

Conor McGregor to WWE?


Conor McGregor to WWE?

The fighter of Mixed Martial Arts, Conor McGregor, announced last night that he was retiring from this discipline, and the alarms jumped, is he close to WWE?

Conor McGregor to WWE?

A big surprise came last night on social media when the Irish fighter, Conor McGregor announced that he was withdrawing from mixed martial arts and that he was not going to compete in this modality.

From the moment of the announcement, a rumor has sounded much stronger than any other and is the possible entry of McGregor to WWE. Although there is nothing more than those simple rumors if we have the knowledge that the company of Vince McMahon has tried to sign the wrestler on previous occasions even to participate in the most important show of the company, Wrestlemania.

Now with this output, the rumor has returned to shoot and more if we even see fighters like Finn Balor responding to his departure with a see you in Wrestlemania as we leave you below:


Following in the footsteps of Ronda Rousey

The supposed arrival of McGregor to WWE would be the icing on the cake to a season where several MMA fighters have come to the company of Vince McMahon with better or worse palms in the past. Right now in the company, we have the well-known Ronda Rousey, but we must not forget her training partners, Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke and the current NXT champion, Shayna Baszler.

In the male field, we also have the presence of Matt Riddle is a UFC fighter and it is rumored that Daniel Cormier could sign shortly to be part of WWE Smackdown when it reaches Fox.

In addition, we must not forget that there have been several fighters who have played with the idea of entering the company as the fighters Cris Cyborg or Paige VanZant.


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