In a recent episode of the “Wrestle Binge” podcast, WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley made a bold prediction. She confidently stated that Damian Priest has what it takes to dethrone the reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Roman Reigns and bring an end to his title reign.

According to Ripley, Priest is more than ready for this challenge. In her words, she said: “I think he’s ready to take Roman’s spot. Damian is ready for anything.” This statement speaks volumes about her faith in Damian’s abilities as a wrestler.

Ripley’s endorsement comes from not just being an observer of Priest’s career but also from personal knowledge and experience with him in the wrestling world. It seems like she genuinely believes that he possesses all the qualities necessary to rise above Reigns on the grand stage.

This claim by Ripley adds another layer of intrigue into what could be one of the most exciting matches in recent history if it were ever scheduled. The idea of Damian Priest taking over Roman Reigns’ spot would surely stir up discussions among fans and experts alike.

Reigns has been dominating his opponents as Universal Champion since regaining his title last year after returning from leukemia treatment. His ruthless character combined with his impressive performances have solidified him as one of WWE’S top stars currently ruling their respective divisions.

On the other hand, we have Damien Priest who has proven himself time and again through his high-energy performances inside the ring which are always packed full with power moves leaving audiences captivated every single time he steps foot into battle mode against any opponent standing across him inside those ropes

Priest might be relatively new compared to Reigns when it comes down talking about tenure within WWE but don’t let that fool you because this man carries years worth experience under belt coming from background where hard work coupled determination equals success no matter how big or small odds may seem at first glance

With Ripley’s endorsement and Priest’s potential, the WWE universe may be in for a major shakeup. It would mark an interesting shift in power dynamics within the company. The possibility of this happening is sure to keep fans on their toes, eagerly anticipating what could happen next.

In conclusion, while Rhea Ripley’s claim might seem audacious to some, it certainly adds fuel to the fire 🔥 of speculation surrounding future matches and title reigns within WWE. Whether or not Damian Priest can indeed dethrone Roman Reigns remains uncertain until that day comes when they finally face off inside ring but one thing absolutely clear right now – wrestling world buzzing with excitement over potential showdown between these two titans industry.


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