In a remarkable turn of events, NBA legend and former Chicago Bulls player, Dennis Rodman, made his professional wrestling return in a recent episode of AEW Collision. This exciting news has sent waves of anticipation and excitement through the world of professional wrestling, marking the start of a new chapter for Rodman.🏀

Rodman’s debut was met with much fanfare and interest, as he rejected an offer from Jeff Jarrett to join his heel stable. Instead, Rodman will be in the corner of The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn for their AEW Trios Titles defense against Jarrett, Satnam Singh, and other notable players. This decision has sparked widespread speculation among fans and critics alike, who are keen to see how Rodman’s influence will impact the dynamics of the match.

The AEW community is buzzing with speculation about what this could mean for future events. With Rodman’s basketball prowess and athletic ability, it is expected that he will bring a unique dynamic to the team. His presence in the ring is bound to be a game-changer, and fans are eagerly awaiting his first match.

Rodman’s decision to align with The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn is seen as a strategic move. The trio has been making waves in the AEW, and with Rodman by their side, they are expected to reach new heights. The anticipation for the AEW Trios Titles defense has reached a fever pitch, with fans eagerly awaiting the face-off between these titans of the wrestling world.

This news comes ahead of All Out 2023 Main Event, an event that is already garnering significant attention. With Rodman’s debut and the upcoming main event, the AEW is set to have an exhilarating year. The wrestling world is on the edge of its seat, waiting to see how these events will unfold.

In other news, Frank the Clown, another iconic figure in the wrestling world, is also making headlines. While details remain sparse, his name being mentioned alongside Rodman’s debut and the upcoming main event is causing quite a stir. Fans are excited to see what role he will play in the unfolding drama of the AEW.

Rodman’s return to professional wrestling, his alliance with The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn, and the forthcoming All Out 2023 Main Event, all represent significant milestones for AEW. These developments indicate a promising year for AEW and its fans. The stage is set for some gripping matches and unforgettable moments.

In summary, Dennis Rodman’s AEW debut marks an exciting time for professional wrestling. His decision to reject Jeff Jarrett’s offer and instead support The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn is a testament to his competitive spirit and strategic mind. As fans around the world gear up for the AEW Trios Titles defense and the All Out 2023 Main Event, there’s no doubt that the AEW is poised for an action-packed year.


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