Jade Cargill, the former All Elite Wrestling (AEW) TBS Champion, has recently made a significant career move. After her contract with AEW expired last week, she is now set to join World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The news of this exciting shift in her professional wrestling journey comes as an intriguing development for fans and followers of both WWE and AEW.

Cargill will be reporting to the WWE Performance Center located in Orlando, Florida later this week. This center serves as the primary training facility for WWE’s future stars. It offers state-of-the-art facilities and expert trainers who help shape raw talent into world-class wrestlers ready for global audiences.

However, it remains unclear whether Jade will start her journey in NXT or go straight to the main roster of WWE superstars 🤔. NXT is often seen as a stepping stone where new talents are groomed before they make their way to bigger events like Raw or SmackDown.

The decision about which path Jade will take lies with various factors including her skill level, marketability, readiness among other things. These considerations are part of what makes professional wrestling such an interesting sport – there’s always more than meets the eye!

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio reported that creative ideas are already being explored by WWE for integrating Jade into its programming lineup. This suggests that plans may be underway not just at a logistical level but also at a narrative one too!

This goes beyond simply deciding whether she’ll debut on NXT or head directly to Raw or Smackdown; it includes crafting storylines that suit her character’s persona while ensuring audience engagement and excitement around every match she participates in.

With all these developments coming up so quickly after leaving AEW post-contract expiry shows how valuable Cargill is considered within pro-wrestling circles! Her switch from one major promotion to another signifies how hotly contested talent can be between competing organizations within the industry.

What’s certain is that WWE fans are in for a treat with Jade Cargill joining their ranks. Her presence will undoubtedly add another layer of excitement and intrigue to the already dynamic world of WWE wrestling. As we wait for more information on her journey within WWE, it’s safe to say that anticipation levels among pro-wrestling enthusiasts around the globe are at an all-time high!

In conclusion, Jade’s move from AEW to WWE opens up new possibilities not just for her but also for professional wrestling as a whole. With creative ideas being worked on by WWE, we can expect some thrilling storylines featuring this talented wrestler soon!


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