In a recent episode of the “MuscleManMalcolm” podcast, wrestling legend D’Lo Brown expressed his views on GUNTHER’s chops. He said he would never want to be at the receiving end of one of those powerful hits from the reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion. 🎙️

D’Lo Brown is known for his straight-talking style and this instance was no different. His comments about not wanting to face GUNTHER’s chops were candid and humorously honest. “I don’t ever want him to chop me,” he declared during the podcast, adding that he doesn’t want any part in such an encounter.

GUNTHER has been making waves in WWE with his unique style and power-packed performance, including his signature move – ‘the chop’. Many wrestlers have faced it but few can claim they weren’t affected by its impact.

On another note within professional wrestling circles, Matt Cardona also made headlines recently with his desire to change the design of WWE IC Title belt. The former Zack Ryder believes there’s room for improvement when it comes to aesthetics.

Cardona’s proposition isn’t out-of-the-blue either; championship belts often undergo design changes over time as per trends or specific wrestler personas holding them at a given point in time.

The idea behind changing title designs usually revolves around keeping things fresh and appealing while maintaining tradition associated with these coveted symbols of success within sports entertainment industry.

While fans are divided on their opinion regarding this potential change proposed by Cardona, many agree that innovation is always welcome if done right without diluting essence attached to iconic championships like WWE IC Title belt.

As we continue watching developments unfold surrounding these two hot topics from world of professional wrestling – D’Lo Brown’s apprehension towards facing GUNTHER’s chops and Matt Cardona’s initiative towards redesigning beloved championship belt – what remains certain is excitement among fans who eagerly await outcomes resulting from these intriguing narratives.

In conclusion, the world of wrestling never fails to entertain and surprise its fans. Whether it’s D’Lo Brown’s fear of GUNTHER’s chops or Matt Cardona’s desire for a title redesign, there is always something new on the horizon in this dynamic sports entertainment industry.


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