In the early 2000s, wrestling fans were treated to an on-screen romance between Eddie Guerrero and Chyna, a storyline that left a significant mark in the wrestling community. However, according to Konnan’s recent revelations on his podcast “Keepin’ It 100”, this iconic pairing was not something that Guerrero initially desired.

Konnan shared insights about the time when these two personalities were first paired together. He stated that Guerrero did not originally want to be involved in this romantic gimmick with Chyna, who is often referred to as The Ninth Wonder of the World. According to him, it took some convincing for Guerrero to agree.

“Eddie didn’t want to do that,” Konnan said during his podcast session. This revelation has indeed come as a surprise for many fans who admired their chemistry on screen and loved their performances together.

The reason behind Eddie’s initial reluctance remains undisclosed by Konnan. However, despite any initial hesitation or resistance he might have felt towards being paired up with Chyna in a romantic angle storyline, it is undeniable that they both managed to pull off one of the most memorable storylines in WWE history.

Their partnership proved successful from both entertainment and business perspectives – garnering high ratings for WWE shows at which they appeared together while also boosting merchandise sales significantly 🎬

Chyna herself had an extraordinary career trajectory within professional wrestling circles before her tragic death in 2016. She broke barriers by competing against men and winning championships usually reserved only for male wrestlers – earning her nickname ‘The Ninth Wonder of The World’.

As far as Eddie goes; he too enjoyed great success throughout his career until his untimely passing away in November 2005 due heart disease complications.

Despite whatever reservations either may have had about working together initially; their collaboration turned out incredibly well received by audiences worldwide – adding another layer depth into each performer’s respective legacy within industry overall context over years since then till now.

In conclusion, the revelation about Eddie Guerrero’s initial reluctance to be paired with Chyna provides a fascinating glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of professional wrestling. It reminds us that what we see on screen is often a result of complex negotiations and decisions made off-stage. Despite any initial reservations, both performers managed to create an unforgettable storyline that still resonates with fans today.


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