Eric Bischoff – ‘Bryan Danielson Has The Potential To Book AEW Collision’

On a recent edition of his “83 Weeks” podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed Bryan Danielson being involved in the creative process in AEW, whether The American Dragon should oversee the booking of the Collision brand and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if he thinks Bryan Danielson could book Collision: “I believe that Bryan Danielson has all the potential to be a great asset in booking AEW’s Collision brand. With his vast experience and deep understanding of professional wrestling, he brings a unique perspective that could elevate the storytelling and overall quality of matches.”

Bischoff also touched upon how having someone like Danielson involved in the creative process can benefit both him as an individual performer and AEW as a whole. He stated, “When you have talents like Bryan Danielson who not only excel inside the ring but also possess strong creative instincts, it opens up endless possibilities for character development and engaging storylines.”

Furthermore, Bischoff emphasized that while collaboration is essential in any successful promotion, ultimately it is important to strike a balance between allowing talent to contribute creatively while still maintaining overall direction. He explained, “AEW has done an excellent job so far with their collaborative approach to storytelling. It’s crucial to find that sweet spot where individual creativity thrives without compromising cohesive long-term planning.”

In regards to specifically overseeing the booking of Collision brand within AEW, Bischoff acknowledged that it requires careful consideration due to its significance as one of their flagship shows. He elaborated on this by saying, “Collision is an important part of AEW’s programming lineup. It showcases top-tier talent and delivers high-stakes matches regularly. If Bryan were given such responsibility, I am confident he would bring fresh ideas and innovative strategies to enhance viewers’ experience.”

Overall, Eric Bischoff expressed his belief in Bryan Danielson’s potential to make a positive impact on AEW Collision. With his extensive knowledge, passion for the business, and ability to connect with audiences, Danielson has the qualities necessary to contribute significantly to the brand’s success.

In conclusion, it is evident that Eric Bischoff sees Bryan Danielson as a valuable asset in AEW’s creative process. The potential of having him involved in booking Collision opens up exciting possibilities for storytelling and match quality. As AEW continues its collaborative approach while maintaining direction, the inclusion of talents like Danielson ensures an


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