In a recent episode of his “83 Weeks” podcast, Eric Bischoff, a notable figure in the world of professional wrestling, expressed his concerns about All Elite Wrestling (AEW). According to him, there’s an absence of proper storytelling within AEW that is hindering its success. 🎙️

Bischoff has decided not to collaborate with AEW due to this reason. He believes that the organization lacks cohesive and coherent storytelling – elements he deems essential for captivating audiences and creating compelling narratives.

A story in wrestling isn’t just about what happens inside the ring; it also involves character development and plotlines that extend beyond matches. This narrative aspect is crucial as it helps build anticipation for future events while making current ones more engaging.

However, according to Bischoff, these are areas where AEW falls short. The lack of clear story arcs or well-defined characters can make it difficult for viewers to invest emotionally in what they’re watching.

He argues that this deficiency might be contributing significantly towards their dwindling ratings. Without strong stories driving interest and engagement from fans, viewer retention becomes challenging over time.

The importance of storytelling in wrestling cannot be overstated – it’s something fans have come to expect from the sport. Viewers tune into shows not only expecting exciting physical bouts but also interesting narratives surrounding their favorite wrestlers.

But if those expectations aren’t met consistently – as Bischoff suggests is happening with AEW – then fan interest could wane quickly resulting in lower viewing figures overall which would impact profitability too.

Overall though despite these criticisms Bischoff remains hopeful for improvement stating: “I believe everyone involved with AEW wants nothing but success.” He hopes they will take steps toward bettering their approach by focusing on developing stronger stories moving forward because ultimately he knows how important good storytelling can be when trying captivate audience attention keep them coming back week after week.

While criticism like this may seem harsh, it’s important to remember that Bischoff is speaking from a place of experience. He has been in the wrestling industry for many years and understands what makes a successful wrestling organization.

In conclusion, storytelling is an integral part of professional wrestling. It can make or break an organization’s success by influencing viewer engagement and ratings. AEW should take note of Bischoff’s criticism and work on improving their storytelling techniques to regain lost fans and attract new ones.


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