In a recent turn of events in the wrestling world, Eric Bischoff has voiced his approval for AEW President Tony Khan’s decision to terminate CM Punk’s contract. Bischoff, who has been quite vocal about his criticism of Punk, applauded Khan for making what he believes was the right move. This development has stirred up significant reactions within the wrestling community, with many fans and insiders weighing in on the matter.

Bischoff’s endorsement of Khan’s decision is not surprising, given his past comments on CM Punk. He has labeled Punk as an overrated star who has failed to deliver financial success for the wrestling organizations he has been a part of. “Just heard the news. In my opinion, @TonyKhan made the right call. A tough one,” Bischoff tweeted, indicating that while he acknowledges the difficulty of the decision, he ultimately supports it.

This termination comes after a series of events that have seen Punk’s popularity and standing in the wrestling world fluctuate. Known for his unconventional persona and style in the ring, Punk has had a career filled with both high points and controversies. His departure from WWE in 2014 was a major blow to his fans who admired his rebellious spirit and unique wrestling style.

Following his departure from WWE, Punk tried his hand at UFC but was unable to achieve the same level of success. His return to the wrestling ring with AEW in 2021 was met with much fanfare, but it seems his tenure there was short-lived.

In the wake of Punk’s termination, speculation has begun to swirl regarding his potential return to WWE. The betting odds for this possibility have become a hot topic among wrestling fans and pundits. Given the acrimonious nature of his departure from WWE, a return would certainly be a significant event in the wrestling world. However, whether this becomes a reality remains to be seen.

While Bischoff’s reaction to Punk’s firing is notable, it is just one perspective in the complex and often contentious world of professional wrestling. Fans and insiders alike will continue to debate the merits of Khan’s decision, as well as speculate on Punk’s future in the industry.

As always, the wrestling world continues to provide drama, both in and out of the ring. The termination of CM Punk’s contract is another chapter in the ever-evolving saga of professional wrestling. Whether you agree with Bischoff’s stance or not, it’s clear that this development has added a new layer of intrigue to the wrestling narrative.

The coming weeks and months will undoubtedly bring more reactions, speculations, and perhaps even a resolution to Punk’s story. For now, all eyes are on Punk and WWE, awaiting the next twist in this wrestling tale. 🤼‍♂️

With the unpredictable nature of the wrestling world, anything can happen. Whether Punk returns to WWE or ventures into new territory, his journey will continue to captivate fans and critics alike. As we wait for the next move in Punk’s career, the wrestling world continues to buzz with anticipation.


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