At the WWE Superstar Spectacle media scrum last Friday, Drew McIntyre, better known as The Scottish Warrior in wrestling circles, sat down for an exclusive chat. He was interviewed by Tathya Sachdev from and had a lot to share about his career and his views on the current state of professional wrestling.

McIntyre’s journey in professional wrestling began back in 2007 when he signed with WWE. Reflecting on that time, he admitted that he couldn’t imagine how much bigger things could get. “I had signed in 2007 and I felt like it couldn’t possibly get bigger than this,” said McIntyre during the interview 🎙️.

However, over a decade later, McIntyre is not only still involved with WWE but has also witnessed significant changes within the industry itself. One of these transformations has been what many have termed as ‘the wrestling boom’. This refers to a period where there has been an increase not just in viewership numbers but also variety – with new promotions entering mainstream visibility.

When asked about this so-called boom 💥 , McIntyre shared some interesting insights. He believes that competition between different franchises is beneficial for everyone – wrestlers included – because it keeps them all on their toes while simultaneously providing fans more choice and entertainment options.

But one topic stood out during this conversation: AEW All In – an event organized by All Elite Wrestling (AEW), which is seen as one of WWE’s main competitors today. It represents another key player contributing to the diversity of modern-day pro-wrestling scene; offering something fresh against WWE’s long-standing dominance.

In response to questions about AEW All In specifically, McIntyre maintained a diplomatic stance without dismissing its significance or potential impact on the industry overall.

This detailed discussion offers valuable insight into how someone like Drew McIntire perceives shifts within their own field — especially considering his tenure across distinct eras of wrestling. It also underscores the evolving landscape of professional wrestling, marked by increased competition and an expanding fan base.

In conclusion, McIntyre’s perspective on these developments is a testament to his experience in the industry and his understanding of its dynamics. His words serve as a reminder that change is constant, even in worlds where tradition often takes center stage – like professional wrestling.


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