In an exclusive conversation, Drew McIntyre, the Scottish Warrior of WWE fame shared his thoughts on a variety of subjects. The discussion took place during the WWE Superstar Spectacle media scrum last Friday where Tathya Sachdev from got a chance to interact with him.

One of the primary topics that came up was about AEW All In, and McIntyre had some interesting insights to share. He seemed quite intrigued by this new venture in wrestling and appreciated its potential contribution to the sport’s landscape.

Furthermore, he spoke about the recent boom in wrestling. Over the past year or so, there has been a significant increase in interest and viewership for wrestling matches around the globe 🌍 . This surge is not only beneficial for professional wrestlers but also for fans who are now privy to more content than ever before.

McIntyre said “I had signed in 2007 and I felt like it couldn’t possibly get bigger than this.” His statement reflects how much growth he has witnessed over his career span within this industry. It’s clear that he believes we’re currently experiencing one of those peak periods again which is exciting news indeed!

However, along with these positive developments come challenges too. As more people tune into watch matches live or online, expectations rise as well. Wrestlers have always pushed themselves physically but now they must also meet increased demands from their growing fan base while keeping things fresh and entertaining.

Despite these pressures though McIntyre remains optimistic about what lies ahead for wrestling as an entertainment form overall – whether it be through traditional platforms such as WWE or newer ones like AEW All In.

His enthusiasm towards all these changes taking place within his profession shows just how passionate he truly is about it! Here’s hoping that other wrestlers feel similarly inspired by current trends too because if they do then surely this ‘wrestling boom’ will continue unabated moving forward!

So yes – it’s an exciting time to be involved in wrestling right now, but as McIntyre reminds us – one must always stay grounded and remember why they got into this sport in the first place. For him, that means focusing on his performances, connecting with fans and ultimately making a positive impact through his work.

In conclusion, Drew McIntyre has proven once again why he is considered one of the most thoughtful voices in wrestling today. His insights about AEW All In and the current ‘wrestling boom’ are not only insightful but also provide a glimpse into what goes on behind-the-scenes within this thrilling industry!


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