In an exclusive interview, Drew McIntyre, also known as The Scottish Warrior, shared his thoughts on a variety of topics including AEW All In and the recent boom in wrestling. He spoke at length during the WWE Superstar Spectacle media scrum held last Friday.

McIntyre has been part of the wrestling industry for quite some time now, having signed his first contract back in 2007. Reflecting on this journey and how far he’s come since then was a significant part of our conversation.

“I had signed in 2007,” he began reminiscing about his early days when the world of wrestling seemed so vast and intimidating to him. “I felt like it couldn’t possibly get bigger than this.” But as we all know now, it did get much bigger indeed.

The past year has seen an unprecedented boom in the wrestling industry – something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by McIntyre 🤼‍♂️ . When asked about this phenomenon, he acknowledged its existence without hesitation.

He expressed excitement over what these developments mean for both wrestlers and fans alike. It means more opportunities for talent to shine through various platforms which weren’t available before; it also translates into more content for fans who can’t seem to get enough of their favorite sport.

On being asked specifically about AEW All In – one such platform that’s gained massive popularity recently – McIntyre didn’t hold back either. Although not directly associated with them (he is still under WWE), he appreciates any effort made towards promoting professional wrestling worldwide.

According to him every new venture adds value by bringing fresh perspectives thus making things interesting not just for those involved but audiences too who are always looking forward to something different from usual narratives they’re used to seeing on screen or live events around them!

Overall there seems no slowing down anytime soon given current trends where everyone wants piece action whether inside ring outside managing shows etc., hence why people like McIntyre continue working hard ensuring they remain top game despite stiff competition everywhere.

In conclusion, Drew McIntyre’s views on the current state of wrestling are both insightful and optimistic. He sees a bright future for the industry and is eager to be part of its continued growth. It’s clear that he truly loves what he does – and that passion shows in every match he participates in.


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