WWE Superstar Scarlett has recently given her fans a sneak peek into her new venture, a Paranormal YouTube series called ‘Chamber of Horrors’. The news was shared by Scarlett herself via Twitter, exciting many followers who have been eagerly awaiting for more content from the wrestling star. 🎃

The series is set to be hosted by both Scarlett and Shotzi, another popular face in the wrestling world. This collaboration between two well-known WWE stars promises an intriguing mix of paranormal activity exploration and their charismatic personalities.

A preview clip of the first episode was also released as part of this announcement. Without revealing too much about what viewers can expect from ‘Chamber of Horrors’, this short snippet certainly suggests that there will be plenty to look forward to when it officially debuts on Wednesday.

Scarlett’s move into creating YouTube content comes at a time when many celebrities are exploring different platforms to connect with their audience beyond traditional media outlets. Her choice of theme – paranormal activities – sets up an interesting premise for the show that is sure to draw in viewers curious about such phenomena.

Fans’ reactions so far indicate anticipation and excitement over getting a chance not only to see more content from their favorite WWE superstar but also delve into unexplored territories with her through this unique show format.

Taking advantage of social media platforms like Twitter allows celebrities like Scarlett and Shotzi directly interact with fans instantly sharing updates or teasers related upcoming projects.This method provides them opportunity build hype around project even before its official release which they seem done successfully case “Chamber Horrors”.

While details regarding what exactly we can expect from each episode remain unclear at present moment, promise spine-chilling experiences coupled fun banter between hosts enough keep us hooked until premiere airs next week!

In conclusion, if you’re fan either these talented wrestlers just someone enjoys good scare then make sure tune into Chamber Horrors on YouTube coming Wednesday! It seems like perfect blend thrilling supernatural exploration engaging host dynamics that won’t want miss out on.

This announcement also comes with some SmackDown news, further adding to the excitement for WWE fans. So, stay tuned and get ready for a spooky ride!


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