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Former CMLL World Champion Piratita Morgan Passes Away at 49


Former CMLL World Champion Piratita Morgan Passes Away at 49

Former CMLL World Champion Piratita Morgan dies at 49

The immense quadrilateral of the Mexico Arena was the stage for the debut of two characters that marked an era. The eyes of the children who were present that night in 1989 in the doctors’ arena were amazed at how two small human beings continued a rivalry that two great fighters had. Pirate Morgan tore apart Holy Mask shot by the trip. Now there were two little ones who measured themselves in the ring: Mascarita Sagrada and Piratita Morgan.

The concept of the miniluchadores was created by Antonio Peña when he was still the chief programmer of the Arena Mexico, and it served so that the full-sized fighters could fly to small versions of other gladiators. Piratita was the first big rude mini in history and at the exit of Peña from the World Wrestling Council, his creations accompanied him. Their battles marked a time. He was WWA Mini World Champion. When his big version abandoned Triple-A, Piratita played Coquito Rojo, that mystery would fall during Triplemania III (June 10, 1995), before Super Muñequito at the end of a cage fight where ten other minis were involved. He also ventured into WCW, stepped on Puerto Rico and several other countries. He was in the WWE with Tzuky, Mascarita Sagrada, Octagoncito, Brazo de Plata and several others in the ephemeral Junior division. The independent functions were his refuge where he continued his rivalries with the rest of the minis.

In the name of Raymundo Rodríguez, he had health problems during the last year. Yesterday, July 8, his brother Espantito announced the passing of Piratita Morgan.


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