In the most recent episode of the “After The Bell” podcast, WWE superstar Grayson Waller shared his dream list of Australian guests for his talk show segment, known as ‘The Grayson Waller Effect’. 🎙

Grayson Waller’s rise to fame in WWE has been nothing short of meteoric. His charisma and athletic prowess have made him a fan favorite, but it is his dedication to promoting Australian talent that truly sets him apart. In this vein, he revealed an exciting wish-list of fellow Aussie wrestlers whom he would love to host on his show.

Among those mentioned were Rhea Ripley, Bronson Reed, Indi Hartwell and Emma – all remarkable athletes who are making waves in their own right within the world wrestling federation. Each one brings something unique to the table; from Ripley’s raw power and intense fighting style to Reed’s agility and Hartwell’s technical prowess.

Waller himself is no stranger to success in WWE. With numerous victories under his belt already, he continues to climb up through the ranks with determination and grit. However, despite these personal achievements, it seems that promoting others remains close to heart for this rising star.

Rhea Ripley was one name that stood out among Waller’s desired guests. A powerhouse performer herself with a growing fan base worldwide thanks largely due her fierce persona inside ring coupled by relentless athleticism outside it makes her ideal candidate for such platform where she can share experiences journey thus far while also giving insights into what lies ahead.

Bronson Reed too holds great promise as potential guest given how quickly he has risen through ranks since joining WWE not long ago. His combination strength speed make formidable opponent anyone steps into ring against him which certainly provide plenty interesting discussion points during interview session should happen future.

Indi Hartwell another wrestler who could offer fascinating perspective if invited onto show considering rapid progress career date including winning Women Tag Team Championship alongside Candice LeRae. Her success story is testament hard work dedication something that surely resonate with many fans aspiring wrestlers alike.

Last but not least, Emma’s inclusion on Waller’s wish-list is hardly surprising given her status as one of Australia’s most successful female wrestlers in recent times. Despite facing numerous challenges throughout her career, she has consistently managed to come out on top and would be a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to make it big in the wrestling world.

In conclusion, Grayson Waller’s ‘dream guest’ list for his show encapsulates some of the best Australian talent currently active within WWE. Each individual mentioned brings their own unique set of skills and experiences which could provide fascinating insights into the highs and lows associated with being a professional wrestler.


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