It was a typical Wednesday for Trey Miguel, an Impact Wrestling star, until it took an unexpected and unfortunate turn. The professional wrestler found himself in the midst of real-life drama when he and his fiancée became victims of a hit-and-run car crash.

Miguel shared this shocking news with his fans via Twitter. He revealed that their vehicle had been struck by another driver who then chose to flee the scene rather than face the consequences of their actions. This incident occurred despite there being as many as 10 cars in close proximity at the time.

Despite such a large number of vehicles nearby, no one stepped forward as witnesses to this distressing event. It’s unclear whether they didn’t see what happened or simply chose not to get involved; regardless, Miguel and his fiancée were left dealing with this traumatic situation on their own.

The lack of witnesses is particularly disheartening considering how serious hit-and-run accidents can be. Not only do they result in property damage but also pose significant risk for physical harm – even death in severe cases 🚗💥

In sharing his experience publicly, Miguel may have hoped to raise awareness about this issue while also potentially reaching someone who might have information about the incident. As yet though, it’s unknown if anyone has come forward or if any progress has been made towards finding those responsible.

While details regarding any injuries sustained during the accident haven’t been disclosed so far, we hope both Trey and his fiancee are recovering well from this ordeal.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that life can change drastically within moments – even for celebrities like Miguel who entertain us inside wrestling rings regularly.

As fans rally around him offering support during these trying times, let’s hope justice prevails eventually bringing closure for Trey and his loved ones affected by this tragic event.

For now though all we can do is wait patiently hoping good news will follow soon enough!


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