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Eli Drake renews extension with Impact – Goodbye WWE?

Impact Wrestling

Eli Drake renews extension with Impact – Goodbye WWE?

Eli Drake renews extension with Impact - Goodbye WWE?

Unlike what many expected (and wanted), Eli Drake has scribbled the paper today and will remain in Impact Wrestling for a while longer. But his stay will not last long or at least his contract does not say so since he has signed a contract extension that will keep him only for a few weeks. How much will it be?

The news was disclosed by the Wrestling Observer in its latest newsletter and later confirmed by the Impact Wrestling via Twitter:

BREAKING NEWS: We’re delighted to announce that dummies will be named and shamed long into the future as @TheEliDrake has signed a contract extension with IMPACT Wrestling.


Observer reports indicate that this extension would be until the end of July which would open the doors to participate in the Slammiversary PPV on the 22nd of the same month. Referring to the issue of a possible exit from Impact during an interview last April, the former World Champion stated the following:

“It depends. I am evaluating all my options. I am very grateful for the opportunities that Impact gave me, putting me in the position in which they put me. I have also been able to enlarge my bank account enormously! I’m doing well about that, so I’m very grateful. But at the same time, I am a businessman. I will analyze any opportunity that is offered to me and I will listen to anyone who wants to talk and wants to throw numbers. I’m open to that, of course. Will I still be on Impact? It is definitely a possibility. It could be the most likely, but I do not know. It depends on what’s on the table, but I’m interested in any opportunity there is, no doubt. ”

Recently the rumor had started that WWE was following the trail of Drake closely because, according to reports, “he had some interest in him” to reinforce the ranks of NXT. However, it seems that in these few weeks as a free agent has not come to an offer by the big entertainment or, otherwise, has not been enough juicy to tempt the gladiator of 35 years.

Obviously, there is still the possibility that the negotiations will continue once the current agreement expires and maybe then a good port will be reached. For now, we will have Eli Drake in Impact for a while.


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