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Impact Wrestling “Final Hour” November 8, 2018 Preview

Impact Wrestling "Final Hour" November 8, 2018 Preview

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling “Final Hour” November 8, 2018 Preview

Tonight Impact Wrestling returns with a new weekly episode that will air on the American channel Pop Tv. The company has announced several matches for this special show known as “Final Hour”.

– Final Hour. The clock does not stop… Johnny IMPACT against Killer Kross with the Impact Wrestling World Championship in play. Killer Kross caused the most impact after attacking the champion in the backstage area to run as the first in the championship row. Kross has shown what he is capable of, with and without Moose, for months and has boasted of being the change the company needs.

Johnny IMPACT on the other hand, since he was champion in Bound For Glory, has had a sweet, but difficult, beginning of reign as maximum champion of Impact Wrestling. With the support of the public distributed between both fighters, Fénix was a hard stone in the path of IMPACT. The champion left the match with the victory and offered one of the matches of the year in Impact.

Knowing so well the different motivations of both fighters, it will not be surprising that they offer one of the matches of the night. Who will go out tonight as a champion?

-Sami Callihan tickled Brian Cage in the first episode after Bound For Glory, along with the Crist brothers (oVe). Although out of the wrong standing in the ring, Callihan is the only fighter who has managed to successfully cover Cage.

During these last weeks, it has been seen as the tension between Callihan and Cage has been increasing. Sami urged the X-Division champion to go to Ohio to have their match and, in the words of Callihan himself, “return the meaning” to the championship. Brian Cage did not back down at all and accepted the challenge. The champion of the X-Division will go to Ohio to face Callihan, and thus enter fully into the mouth of the wolf. Will Cage regret going to Ohio and meeting the people of Sami Callihan, especially at Rockstar Pro Wrestling (Dayton, OH)?

– Konnan and King have their problems for some time. After Bound For Glory, the LAX and OG’z Chiefs issued their final verdict: “Stay away from each other.” However, King still wants to destroy Konnan as well and has a new plan to get it.

If we know anything, Konnan always has an almost paternal relationship with the fighters he helps and represents. That’s why King has in his sights two of his pupils. King, along with the OG’z, wants to get to Konnan through Pentagon Jr. and Phoenix and tonight will have a chance in a match by pairs that promise to be electric.

Fight Bros! It is one of the most exciting and incredible teams in the history of IMPACT Wrestling and its relationship with Konnan is very strong. So it will not be surprising that Konnan is watching this fight. Will King get Konnan’s attention? Can Pentagon Jr. and Fenix stop Homicide and Hernandez and come out with the victory in Final Hour?

– A new Knockout arrives at Impact Wrestling. Jordynne Grace will debut today in Final Hour, looking to make an immediate impression on the Knockouts division. Without a doubt, it is a powerful force to take into account and we are willing to see it in action as soon as possible. What can we expect from Jordynne? Should the rest of the Knockouts worry?

– Their friendship seemed unbreakable. It was a brotherhood different from anything we had seen before. Best friends, brothers and now … rivals. Moose against Eddie Edwards in Final Hour. Although seen what happened these weeks ago, it seems that they will not be happy until they destroy each other, and it may be something that goes long.

Moose turned his back on Eddie, but if you ask Moose, it was Eddie who betrayed Moose. Moose was in the hospital after Slammiversary and Eddie never behaved like a true friend and brother, according to Moose. Since then the situation between the two has gone from bad to worse, it has become something personal. Their relationship is so bad and so broken that they even fought on the roof of the Melrose Ballroom in New York City, in Bound For Glory. How will the rivalry end? Will finish? What will happen in Final Hour?

– Eli Drake has sued IMPACT Wrestling and his lawyer is none other than Joseph Park. Drake has been at the table of comments with Josh Mathews and Don Callis, where apart from narrating what was happening in the ring, he took the opportunity to explain his situation with the company, although he did not make anything clear. What will happen when Eli and Joseph pick up the microphone and really explain what happens?

Below are the combats and segments announced for the special Impact Wrestling program, “Final Hour” :

Impact Wrestling World Championship: Johnny Impact (c) vs. Killer Kross
Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan
Fight Bros. vs. OG’z
Eddie Edwards vs. Moose
Jordyne Grace will debut at Impact Wrestling
Eli Drake and Joseph Park will explain Drake’s demand to Impact Wrestling


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