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Most iconic TNA moments

Impact Wrestling

Most iconic TNA moments

Even though it remains as IMPACT! throughout today’s landscape of Wrestling, the company formerly known as TNA has had its fair share of iconic moments.

Elix Skipper Cage Walk

This moment occurred during its earliest days of the company as it happened during the six sides of steel match between America’s Most Wanted and Triple X at Turning Point 2004. Nothing like it has been seen before and nothing like it has been seen since. Even if you’re not a hardcore viewer of TNA/IMPACT, there is still a good chance that you have seen the iconic moment at one stage of your wrestling fandom.

Steiner Math

Scott Steiner has been rather a controversial character when it comes to wrestling. Whether it’s his work as part of the tag team, Steiner Brothers with brother Rick, or whether it’s Big Poppa Pump, Scott was always able to stand out. His promo work was alright, nothing to rave about until he dropped a promo on TNA talking about the chances of Samoa Joe winning the triple threat they were both in against Kurt Angle at Sacrifice in 2008. This became popular years later and was made fun of but it turns out it was pretty accurate. Seems like Steiner did spell disaster at Sacrifice.

Kurt Angle’s debut

Kurt Angle. Arguably the greatest in-ring performer of all time. Has had many classics in his first run with WWF/E with the likes of Austin, The Rock, Undertaker, Jericho, Benoit, HBK, HHH, the list goes on and on. So when The Olympic Gold Medalist showed up in the Impact Zone and hit Samoa Joe with a headbutt, we knew the same intense Kurt Angle was going to show up. Kurt also went on to have classics in TNA with the likes of Sting, Joe, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and Desmond Wolfe. Last point to add here is that Kurt Angle was TNA’s biggest acquisition.

That 5* triple threat match

AJ Styles. Samoa Joe. Christopher Daniels. Three talents that really helped TNA throughout their early days, especially putting on classics with each other and other wrestlers alike. Styles had a rivalry with Jerry Lynn and Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels were putting in high quality matches elsewhere on the card. At Unbreakable 2005, all three men were booked to face each other in a triple threat X-Division match. This match gained five stars from Dave Meltzer and is believed to be the only match in TNA history with a 5* rating. Nothing but 30 minutes of top quality action.

So, here is some of the most Iconic TNA/IMPACT moments in its history of existence. There are more moments due to come as the company somehow manages to keep living on. In June, Impact will reach its 19th year of existence so here’s to 19 more years and countless more iconic moments.


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