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Spoilers For Impact Wrestling from June 2

Impact Wrestling

Spoilers For Impact Wrestling from June 2

Spoilers For Impact Wrestling from June 2

These are the results of the Impact tapings held this Saturday, June 2 in Ontario, Canada, where we had the debut of a new knockout, and the creation of the rivalry Lax vs. Lax.

The show starts with Sydal vs. Xavier Good fight During the combat, Kongo leaves followed by Cage. Kongo gets the best part and they leave.

Fenix and Swann have an INCREDIBLE combat. OVE runs and attacks Fenix later. PENTAGON JR to make the salve. OVE come out of the ring, only for the Pentagon to attack Fenix and discover himself as Sami Callahan. The real Jr. Pentagon goes to the ring, and Fenix, Swann, and Penta get rid of the rivals.

Later in the evening, we had a tornado six-man match between the two teams. Sami wins after pinning to Swann.

Cage and Kongo had a great fight.

Allie vs. Shotzi Blackheart – Tessa interferes.

Tessa and Shotzi vs. Kiera Hogan and Allie, Allie, and Kiera win after Tessa leaves Shotzi.

LAX goes out with Konnan, Konnan tells Eddie Kingston (now known as King) that he knows King hit him. King said it was him. Ortiz and Santana take the side of Konnan and begin to beat King. Homicide and Hernandez go out to the ring and attack Konnan, Ortiz, and Santana.

Homicide and Hernandez with King beat two local boys easily. They came out with new music and with the name “OGz”.

Eli Drake lost with a roll-up against Joe Hendry. Hendry went out again with Grado and Katarina. After the fight, Hendry and Katarina embrace and dance and Grado seemed a little left out. It seems they are playing the story of Hendry / Katarina approaching.

After the show, Moose and A1 beat Austin Aries and Phil Atlas. Moose thanked the audience and called Grado for his birthday. Grado came out with Madonna’s music and it was a great farewell.

Desi Hit Squad defeated two local fighters

Killer Kross beat Petey Williams and put an X.



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