In a recent episode of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, the legendary Booker T expressed his thoughts on Jade Cargill’s move from AEW to WWE. He firmly believes that she is indeed a main event attraction for WWE. 🎙️

Booker T, who has had an illustrious career in professional wrestling himself and now shares his wisdom through podcasts and commentary roles, was full of praise for Jade Cargill.

“I said it some months back,” he revealed during the podcast discussion about her transition to WWE. His foresight seems spot-on as fans and critics alike have been buzzing about Jade’s potential impact in her new home.

The departure of Jade Cargill from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has sparked many conversations within the industry. Her shift to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), one of the biggest platforms in sports entertainment globally, certainly represents a significant change not just for her but also potentially impacts both organizations’ dynamics.

Jade’s athleticism combined with charisma makes her a unique talent in pro-wrestling today. She possesses all the right elements needed to be successful – strength, agility, personality, and most importantly, an undeniable presence whenever she steps into the ring.

As far as potential opponents go within WWE roster are concerned; there are several exciting possibilities that could help showcase Jade’s abilities further while adding fresh narratives to women’s division matches. The likes of Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair would make excellent adversaries considering their established status within company ranks and proven ability inside squared circle.

However it plays out though; one thing is clear: Booker T sees big things ahead for this rising starlet under bright lights at WWE – something which only adds more anticipation among fans waiting eagerly see what future holds for Ms.Cargill!

Her journey so far shows promise; however real test lies ahead as she grapples with pressures associated being part such massive global brand like WWE where expectations will undoubtedly be high.

It’s a move that could potentially change the landscape of women’s wrestling in WWE. And if Booker T’s predictions come true, Jade Cargill will soon be known not just as another wrestler but a main event attraction, an accolade that is highly sought after and respected within the industry.

Booker T has always had a keen eye for talent and his endorsement certainly carries weight. It will now be interesting to see how Jade Cargill utilizes this opportunity at her disposal to make her mark in WWE history.


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