In a thrilling encounter on last Friday’s episode of AEW Rampage, Kris Statlander emerged victorious over Jade Cargill to retain the TBS Championship. The match was reportedly the final one for Cargill in Tony Khan’s company, making it an emotional and high-stakes event.

The two professional wrestlers put up an impressive display as they went back and forth in their quest for supremacy. Their every move kept fans on edge, creating an atmosphere filled with anticipation and excitement 🤼‍♀️.

“Smart” Mark Sterling also played his part in this drama-filled title match. He attempted to get involved in the proceedings but his efforts proved counterproductive. Instead of aiding Cargill as intended, his interference ended up backfiring on her.

This unexpected turn of events allowed Statlander to seize the opportunity and score crucial points against her opponent. It was indeed a moment that will be etched into the memory of wrestling enthusiasts who witnessed it unfold live.

Cargill had entered this contest with hopes of dethroning Statlander but fell short despite putting up a valiant fight. The result would undoubtedly have been disappointing for her especially considering that this was reportedly her swan song at AEW.

Yet even though she didn’t win, there is no denying that Cargill left quite an impression during her time at Tony Khan’s company – not just because of this match but due to all her performances leading up to it too.

As for Kris Statlander, defending the championship successfully added another feather to her cap while further solidifying her standing within AEW ranks.

It remains intriguing what future holds next both for Jade after exiting from AEW and Kris following such significant victory under belt.

Overall though it can safely be said that viewers were treated with some top-notch wrestling action where emotions ran high & competition got fierce – exactly what you expect when watching something like AEW Rampage.

This match will go down in history not just as the end of Cargill’s journey with AEW, but also as a testament to the thrilling and unpredictable nature of professional wrestling.

In conclusion, despite Jade Cargill failing to dethrone Kris Statlander in her final AEW match, it was an event that showcased grit, determination and sportsmanship from both athletes.


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