In the latest episode of his “The Snake Pit” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts shared some interesting insights and recollections about his wrestling career. One topic that stood out was when he discussed facing Hercules at WWE SummerSlam 1988.

Roberts began by recalling the eventful year of 1988 in which he faced off against Hercules. It was a time filled with high energy matches, huge crowds, and unforgettable moments. However, it wasn’t just the thrill of competition that made this period memorable for him.

He revealed an unfortunate truth about Hercules – one concerning substance abuse problems. This revelation adds another layer to their history together in the ring and outside it too. The issue is not uncommon among wrestlers who often have to deal with physical pain and stress from their careers.

However, as much as Roberts talked about Hercules’ issues, there was no sense of judgment or negativity in his tone 🎙️ . Instead, it seemed like a reflection on a fellow wrestler’s struggles during those times- something many can relate to even today.

Moving forward from discussing Hercules’ troubles, Roberts also took some time to reflect on what he believes were his best years in wrestling. He didn’t pinpoint any specific year but indicated that they were definitely within his tenure at WWE.

His reflections shed light not only on personal experiences but also give us glimpses into what life behind-the-scenes might be like for these larger-than-life characters we see performing death-defying stunts week after week.

Throughout all this reminiscing though – whether talking about former opponents or evaluating his own performance – one thing became clear: Jake Robert’s passion for wrestling has never waned despite all odds faced over years spent inside (and sometimes outside) the ring.


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