Jim Ross, a renowned figure in the world of wrestling commentary, has recently expressed his admiration for the quality of wrestling on AEW Collision. According to him, he is thoroughly enjoying his time calling this exciting show. His comments came during an episode of his popular podcast “Grilling JR”, where he often shares insights and opinions about various aspects of professional wrestling.

Ross highlighted some matches from last week’s episode that particularly impressed him. He praised several stars for their performances and brought attention to their skills and dedication inside the ring. One match that stood out was between Samoa Joe and Penta EL Zero Miedo.

Samoa Joe versus Penta EL Zero Miedo was a highlight for Ross as he described it with evident enthusiasm. The two wrestlers put up a captivating fight that demonstrated not only their physical prowess but also their strategic acumen in dealing with opponents.

This match served as an excellent example of why Ross enjoys commentating on AEW Collision so much – it encapsulates all the elements that make professional wrestling such an engaging sport: strength, strategy, drama, unpredictability – everything fans love about pro-wrestling 🤼‍♂️

Ross’ praise didn’t stop at these two athletes; other stars were commended by him too throughout the podcast session demonstrating how diverse talents are showcased every Saturday night on AEW Collision.

AEW Collision has been gaining traction among both fans and critics alike due to its high-quality bouts featuring talented wrestlers from around the globe which is exactly what drew Jim Ross towards it in first place.

Overall, Jim Ross’ words serve as testament to just how entertaining AEW Collision can be – providing viewers with thrilling matches while highlighting multiple stars who continue to elevate themselves within competitive world of pro-wrestling each week.

It seems clear then that we can expect more great things coming our way courtesy AEW collision if we take into account Mr.Ross’s glowing review– making it a must-see for any wrestling enthusiast.

In conclusion, AEW Collision’s high-quality performances and its ability to showcase multiple stars in their prime have earned the respect and admiration of Jim Ross, who himself is an icon in the world of professional wrestling commentary. His praise speaks volumes about the show’s potential to continue thrilling fans with more exciting matches in future episodes.


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