Jim Ross, a renowned figure in the wrestling world, has expressed his admiration for the quality of wrestling on AEW Collision. His words of praise were not just limited to the overall show but also extended to several individual stars who have been showcasing their skills on Saturday nights.

Ross’s commendation comes as no surprise given his long-standing involvement in professional wrestling commentary and analysis. He is known for having an eye for talent and recognizing high-quality performances when he sees them. On a recent episode of his podcast “Grilling JR”, Ross took time to appreciate some memorable matches from last week’s episode of AEW Collision.

One match that particularly stood out was between Samoa Joe and Penta EL Zero Miedo. Ross described this encounter with great enthusiasm, highlighting its intensity and competitive spirit. His appreciation is indicative of both wrestlers’ commitment to delivering top-notch performances each time they step into the ring.

But it wasn’t just this one match that caught Ross’s attention. In fact, he went on to mention several other bouts that had taken place during last week’s show – demonstrating once again how much he values good-quality wrestling action.

AEW Collision has indeed been making waves within the professional wrestling community thanks to its consistent delivery of exciting matches featuring talented performers from around the globe 🌎 . It seems like every Saturday night brings something new and thrilling for viewers at home – whether it be an unexpected turn of events or a breath-taking display by one wrestler or another.

The positive feedback from Jim Ross only further validates what many fans already believe: AEW Collision is providing some truly remarkable content right now – both in terms of individual wrestlers’ abilities as well as overall production value.

It’s clear that everyone involved with AEW —from those behind-the-scenes orchestrating everything, down to each performer— are all dedicated towards maintaining these high standards moving forward.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for compelling storylines coupled with exceptional wrestling, AEW Collision is the show to watch. Ross’s praise serves as a testament to this fact and will likely encourage even more viewers to tune in on Saturday nights.


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