In the world of professional wrestling, nothing is ever certain. The latest buzz surrounds the future of CM Punk, a charismatic and controversial figure who has made waves in multiple promotions throughout his career.

Jim Ross, an iconic voice in wrestling commentary and currently an announcer with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently shared his thoughts on this matter during an episode of Grilling JR. He discussed what he believes to be the next step for Punk following his recent departure from AEW.

The circumstances surrounding Punk’s exit were far from ordinary. Earlier this month, he was fired due to a physical altercation with fellow wrestler Jack Perry at AEW All In 2023 event. This unexpected turn of events left fans speculating about where “the Best in the World” would land next.

According to Ross, WWE could very well be that place 🎙️.

“I hope so,” stated Ross when asked if he thinks WWE will be Punk’s most likely destination post-AEW. His response may come as a surprise considering Punk’s tumultuous history with WWE – which included legal battles and public criticisms – but it also highlights how unpredictable pro-wrestling can be.

Ross’ statement doesn’t confirm anything; it merely represents one perspective within many circulating opinions about CM Punk’s future direction. However, given his extensive experience and insider knowledge within industry circles, these comments are worth noting for anyone closely following developments around CM punk’s career trajectory.

Punk himself hasn’t publicly commented on any potential return to WWE or plans regarding another promotion yet since leaving AEW earlier this month. While we all wait for official news concerning his next move – whether that involves stepping back into a WWE ring or exploring new horizons elsewhere – fan theories continue to swirl around online forums and social media platforms alike.

It remains unclear whether there is any truth behind Jim Ross’ prediction or if it simply adds fuel to speculative fires already burning bright among fans worldwide eager for news about CM Punk’s next career move.

In conclusion, while the world of professional wrestling is full of unexpected twists and turns, one thing remains certain: wherever CM Punk ends up next, his journey will undoubtedly be a must-watch event for fans around the globe.


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