WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has recently opened up about his experiences working under Tony Khan, the President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), at the Starrcast convention held during the AEW All Out 2023 weekend in Chicago, Illinois. Ross expressed his admiration for Khan’s effective leadership skills and the positive impact it has had on the wrestling organization. 🎙️

In his comments, Ross shed light on what initially drew him to AEW. He shared that Khan’s passion for wrestling and his drive to create a platform that both respects and promotes the talents was a significant factor. Ross highlighted how Khan’s leadership style was refreshing, and how it played a vital role in making AEW a successful venture.

Ross’s career in the wrestling industry spans several decades, during which he has worked with multiple organizations and leaders. His perspective on Khan’s leadership is therefore grounded in years of experience and offers valuable insight into what sets AEW apart from other wrestling promotions.

Under Khan’s leadership, AEW has seen significant growth. It has not only been able to attract top talent but also managed to create a unique and engaging fan experience. Ross attributed this success to Khan’s deep understanding of the wrestling industry and his commitment to putting together a product that appeals to fans worldwide.

Ross noted that Khan’s approach to leadership is inclusive and empowering. He encourages everyone, from the wrestlers to the production crew, to contribute their ideas and take an active role in shaping the organization’s direction. This inclusive approach, according to Ross, fosters a sense of ownership among the team members and promotes a culture of innovation and creativity.

Khan’s leadership extends beyond the administrative aspects of running a wrestling promotion. He is known to be hands-on, often involving himself in various aspects of the business, from story development to production. This level of involvement, Ross believes, reflects Khan’s passion for the industry and his commitment to ensuring AEW’s success.

While praising Khan’s leadership, Ross also acknowledged the challenges that come with running a wrestling organization. The industry is highly competitive, with constant pressure to innovate and deliver high-quality matches. However, Ross expressed confidence in Khan’s ability to navigate these challenges and lead AEW to new heights.

In conclusion, Jim Ross’s comments offer a glimpse into the inner workings of AEW under Tony Khan’s leadership. They highlight the qualities that make Khan an effective leader – his passion, inclusivity, hands-on approach, and commitment to innovation. These are the factors that have contributed to AEW’s success in the wrestling industry and continue to drive its growth.

As AEW continues to evolve under Khan’s leadership, fans and industry observers alike will be keenly watching its trajectory. If Ross’s comments are any indication, the future looks promising for the wrestling organization. With a leader like Khan at the helm, AEW is set to continue making waves in the wrestling world.


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