Bryan Danielson, a revered figure in the world of wrestling, recently hinted at winding down his full-time career. During an AEW Collision promo, he shared that he had made a promise to his daughter that next year would mark the end of his full-time involvement in wrestling. However, it’s crucial to note that Bryan did not mention anything about retiring from wrestling altogether.

Jon Moxley, who shares a close bond with Danielson as part of the Blackpool Combat Club stablemate group, has voiced some thoughts on this matter during an interview with Cincinnati ESPN 1530 🎙️. For Moxley and many others who know Bryan well or are fans of him – imagining a world where Bryan is completely detached from wrestling seems far-fetched.

Moxley finds it hard to visualize such a scenario because of how integral wrestling has been in shaping up Danielson’s life and persona. Wrestling isn’t just something Bryan does; it’s become an inherent part of who he is over these years.

Danielson’s potential step back from active participation doesn’t mean complete disengagement for him or other wrestlers nearing similar transitions either. The sport offers various roles beyond being just competitors – be it mentoring young talent or contributing strategically behind-the-scenes.

In fact, considering how much passion and dedication someone like Bryan possesses for this sport – there might even be new avenues waiting for him outside the ring which could utilize his vast experience and knowledge while keeping him connected to what he loves most: Wrestling!

The thought itself may seem daunting now but given time we may see this transition unfold smoothly without causing significant disruption within the professional circuit nor among fan communities worldwide.

Ultimately though only time will tell whether these speculations hold any water or if things take another turn entirely! But one thing remains certain according to Jon Moxley- It’s indeed tough picturing out a world where ‘Bryan Danielson’ name doesn’t resonate with ‘Wrestling’.


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