Josh Barnett, a name synonymous with discipline and order, has voluntarily stepped up to maintain decorum within the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) roster. This decision comes in the wake of recent events that have thrown the professional wrestling league into a whirlwind of controversy. 😮

In an unexpected turn of events last week, AEW parted ways with CM Punk, a Chicago-Made star. The separation followed an investigation into Punk’s conduct at the All In 2023 event involving Jack Perry, another AEW wrestler. The investigation concluded with Punk’s release from AEW, marking his second suspension from the league.

The need for someone to enforce “discipline” among the AEW roster became apparent following this incident. Recognizing this need, Josh Barnett, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling world, volunteered to take on the mantle.

Barnett’s decision is not surprising considering his long-standing reputation for discipline and order within the wrestling community. Known for his no-nonsense approach and dedication to the sport, he has shown time and again that he can be relied upon to uphold the values that make wrestling a respected and loved sport worldwide.

His role will undoubtedly involve ensuring that all members of the AEW roster adhere to the ethical standards set by the league. He will also likely play a crucial role in resolving any disputes or conflicts that arise within the team. By maintaining a level playing field, Barnett aims to foster a more harmonious environment where each wrestler can focus on their performance rather than unnecessary distractions.

Moreover, Barnett’s involvement will hopefully deter any potential misconduct among the AEW roster. His presence serves as a reminder of the consequences that come with violating the league’s rules. It sends a clear message that AEW prioritizes discipline and respect among its members above all else.

In conclusion, Josh Barnett stepping up to ensure discipline among the AEW roster is a significant move. It not only addresses the recent issues within the league but also paves the way for a more disciplined and respectful environment moving forward. This step will undoubtedly contribute positively to AEW’s future, reinforcing its commitment to providing a fair and exciting platform for professional wrestlers and fans alike.


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