In 2019, a remarkable event took place in the world of wrestling that is still talked about today. Karrion Kross, a notable figure in the sport, issued a challenge to Batista for a match at Bloodsport 2. This incident has been brought back into light as Kross reminisced over it on Twitter during the past weekend.

Kross’s tweet read: “Wild story here. Short version; Had come off wrestling Moxley & heard Batista was in…” The ellipsis at the end left fans wondering and wanting more details about this intriguing encounter between two greats of wrestling.

Despite significant fan interest and anticipation for such an exciting matchup to happen, there was no response from Batista – leaving many disappointed but also adding an air of mystery around why he chose not to accept or acknowledge the challenge.

The incident occurred after what had already been an intense period for Kross who had just finished wrestling with Moxley. Hearing that Batista was present only added fuel to his competitive spirit which led him to issue this spontaneous challenge.

While some might view it as audacious or even disrespectful, others saw it as evidence of Kross’s passion and determination within his chosen field – traits admired by many sports enthusiasts worldwide 🌍

Even though we never got to see this dream match materialize between these two titans of professional wrestling, its memory continues to captivate fans all over due its dramatic potential. It serves as reminder of how unpredictable and thrilling professional wresting can be when athletes are driven by their desire for competition against formidable opponents.

Meanwhile another hype train seems to have taken off involving Moxley vs Kingston – further proof that there’s never any shortage excitement within this dynamic sport!

As time goes by we may get more insights into what happened behind-the-scenes regarding this unfulfilled showdown between Karrion Cross and Batista at Bloodsport 2. But until then, it remains an intriguing piece of wrestling history that fans can only speculate about.

Despite the lack of a definitive conclusion to this story, what is clear is that Kross’s audacious challenge and Batista’s silence has added another layer to the rich tapestry of professional wrestling. It serves as a testament to the sport’s ability to generate excitement even off stage – making us look forward more eagerly for what future holds in store.


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