In a surprising turn of events, wrestling sensation CM Punk was recently fired from All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The shocking news broke out on Saturday, leaving fans and fellow wrestlers in a state of disbelief. The termination of his contract came after a physical altercation with Jack Perry during AEW All In 2023, held in London, England. This unexpected development has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community, with many reacting to it.

Among the first to respond was KENTA, a well-known face in the wrestling world. Known for his straight-forward approach and candid comments, KENTA didn’t shy away from expressing his views on this matter. Taking to Twitter, he posted a cryptic message saying, “WELCOME BACK MY GO 2 SLEEP.” The tweet was quickly interpreted as a reaction to CM Punk’s firing.

The phrase ‘Go 2 Sleep,’ holds significance in the wrestling world, particularly between KENTA and CM Punk. It refers to a famous finishing move in professional wrestling, originally used by KENTA. However, CM Punk started using it during his time in WWE, leading to some controversy.

With CM Punk’s abrupt departure from AEW, it seems KENTA is welcoming the return of his signature move. It’s a subtle jab, wrapped in a seemingly harmless tweet. But those familiar with their history could easily decipher the underlying message. 🤼

The incident leading to CM Punk’s firing happened at AEW All In 2023. It was an event that had garnered significant attention, with fans eagerly waiting to see their favorite wrestlers in action. But what unfolded was beyond anyone’s anticipation.

CM Punk, known for his fiery temper and aggressive style, got into a physical fight with Jack Perry. While the details remain unclear, the scuffle was serious enough for Tony Khan, the president of AEW, to terminate CM Punk’s contract. It’s a drastic measure that reflects the severity of the situation.

The news of CM Punk’s firing spread rapidly across social media, eliciting various reactions from fans and fellow wrestlers. Some expressed disappointment, while others saw it as a necessary step to maintain discipline within the wrestling organization.

However, KENTA’s reaction stood out among them. His tweet, although cryptic, was direct in its intention. By saying ‘Welcome Back My Go 2 Sleep,’ he not only acknowledged the situation but also subtly indicated his stance on it.

This incident has added a new chapter to the ongoing rivalry between KENTA and CM Punk. While it’s unfortunate that such circumstances led to this, it has undeniably stirred up the wrestling world. It remains to be seen how this situation will evolve and what impact it will have on both their careers.

For now, KENTA’s tweet has added fuel to the fire, sparking discussions and debates among wrestling enthusiasts. Whether it’s a friendly banter or a veiled challenge is something only time will tell. Until then, the wrestling world will be keenly watching the developments, waiting for the next move in this intriguing saga.


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