In a recent episode of the popular podcast “Kliq This”, wrestling legend Kevin Nash had only words of admiration for fellow WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam. His praise came during a conversation with co-host Sean Oliver, where they were discussing a recent show they did with the former WWE Champion.

“I’ve always liked him,” Nash stated about RVD. “I don’t know anyone who’s been in my presence who’s had any kind of negative feeling towards him.” This statement is a testament to Van Dam’s popularity and respect within the wrestling community. 🎙️

Nash’s admiration for Van Dam is not surprising. Both wrestlers have had illustrious careers and have contributed significantly to the wrestling industry. They have both been champions, have both been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and have both left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling.

However, the conversation took a different turn when the topic shifted to the popular wrestling documentary series, “Dark Side of The Ring”. Unlike his fondness for Van Dam, Nash revealed that he doesn’t watch the show. He didn’t delve much into the reasons behind this decision, leaving listeners intrigued and slightly puzzled.

“Dark Side of The Ring” is a series that delves into the controversial and often dark aspects of professional wrestling. It features stories of legendary wrestlers, exploring their challenges and triumphs, both inside and outside the ring. Despite its popularity among wrestling fans, it seems that it doesn’t resonate with Nash.

The news of Nash’s praise for Van Dam and his revelation about not watching “Dark Side of the Ring” has sparked conversations among wrestling enthusiasts. Fans have taken to social media platforms to discuss Nash’s comments, with many expressing their admiration for Van Dam and sharing their own opinions about “Dark Side of the Ring”.

Nash’s comments offer a glimpse into the relationships between wrestlers and their views on the portrayal of their profession. His words remind us of the deep bonds formed between these athletes and the respect they hold for each other. At the same time, his reluctance to watch “Dark Side of The Ring” raises questions about how the wrestling community perceives the representation of their world in the media.

In conclusion, this conversation between Nash and Oliver sheds light on the complex dynamics within the wrestling industry. It reminds us of the respect and admiration shared among its members while also highlighting the differing perspectives on how their stories are told. The wrestling world is as fascinating as it is intense, and conversations like these give fans a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the scenes.


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