In the recent episode of his popular podcast “Kliq This”, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash had a lot to say about the match between Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch at WWE Payback 2023. The event was one for the books, with Lynch emerging victorious over Stratus in an intense Steel Cage Match.

Nash’s review? Both women ‘absolutely crushed it’ – high praise indeed from a wrestling legend like him. 🎙️

The match was not just another fight; it was a spectacle that brought together two talented athletes at their peak. On one side, you had Trish Stratus, who has been known as one of the most successful female wrestlers in history. Her agility and prowess have earned her legions of fans worldwide.

On the other hand, there’s Becky Lynch – often referred to as “The Man”. She is renowned for her fierce fighting style and charismatic personality which never fails to captivate audiences.

At Payback 2023, these two powerhouses collided inside a steel cage – an environment notorious for its brutality and unforgiving nature. But neither woman backed down or showed any signs of fear.

Stratus displayed impressive athleticism throughout the match while Lynch showcased her strength and determination. They both gave everything they had within them; every punch thrown seemed to echo through the arena while each maneuver executed left spectators on edge.

Kevin Nash noted this spectacular performance during his podcast discussion. He praised both women for their phenomenal display inside that steel cage saying they ‘crushed it’. Coming from someone who has spent decades in professional wrestling industry, this compliment carries significant weight.

It wasn’t just about winning or losing but more importantly about putting up an unforgettable show which is exactly what happened at WWE Payback 2023 when Trish Status took on Becky Lynch under those harsh lights surrounded by screaming fans all around them.

This particular episode of Nash’s “Kliq This” podcast will undoubtedly be remembered for his glowing review of the Stratus-Lynch match. He seemed genuinely impressed by both women’s performance, further cementing their status as top-tier athletes in the wrestling world.

In conclusion, WWE Payback 2023 was a landmark event that showcased female wrestlers’ power and resilience. Trish Status and Becky Lynch indeed ‘crushed it’, not just because they put up an incredible fight but also because they proved once again why women’s wrestling deserves to be celebrated.


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