Kevin Sullivan Would Bet The Farm On Bryan Danielson If He Was Tony Khan

While appearing on his most recent Tuesday with the Taskmaster podcast, Kevin Sullivan gave his thoughts on Bryan Danielson being someone highly trusted by Tony Khan. The AEW President has publicly stated that he would trust Danielson to run All Elite Wrestling in his absence.

Sullivan believes that Danielson is an excellent choice to help behind the scenes and even went as far as saying he would bet the farm on him if he were in Tony Khan’s position. This is a strong endorsement from someone who knows the industry well.

Bryan Danielson, also known as “The American Dragon,” has had an impressive career in professional wrestling. He gained popularity during his time with WWE where he became a fan favorite due to his technical skills and intense in-ring style.

Since joining AEW, Danielson has continued to impress fans and fellow wrestlers alike with his performances. His matches have been highly praised for their quality and storytelling, showcasing why he is considered one of the best in the business.

Tony Khan’s trust in Bryan Danielson speaks volumes about both men. It shows that Khan recognizes not only Danielson’s talent but also his ability to lead and make important decisions when needed.

If given the opportunity, it seems Kevin Sullivan would put all of his faith into Bryan Danielson’s hands. This level of confidence demonstrates just how much respect and admiration there is for him within the wrestling community.

With this kind of backing from influential figures like Sullivan, it wouldn’t be surprising if we see even bigger things from Bryan Danielson in the future. Perhaps one day he will take on a leadership role within AEW or other promotions around the world.

For now, fans can continue enjoying watching him perform at an elite level inside the ring while knowing that those behind-the-scenes believe wholeheartedly in what he brings to professional wrestling.



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