Kris Statlander, a prominent figure in the world of wrestling, has recently voiced her thoughts on her match with Jade Cargill at AEW Rampage. The two athletes faced off in what was reported to be Cargill’s last appearance for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) before she transitions over to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Statlander emerged victorious from this encounter which was actually a rematch from their previous clash at Double or Nothing event. Not only did she win the bout but also managed to retain her prized AEW TBS Title.

Speaking about the intense showdown during an interview on Under The Ring, Statlander expressed that both she and Cargill had something significant to prove. 🏆

She said, “This wasn’t just another match for us; it held greater significance than most people realize.” She further added that they wanted to demonstrate their skills and passion for wrestling while showing respect towards each other as athletes.

The match itself was filled with adrenaline-pumping action as both wrestlers showcased their strength and agility inside the ring. They left no stone unturned in delivering an exciting performance that kept spectators on edge throughout its duration.

In addition to winning the match against Cargill, retaining her title also marked another milestone in Statlander’s career – one that cements her standing within professional wrestling even more firmly.

However, despite losing out on this occasion, Jade Cargill’s future looks bright as well since she will now be joining WWE’s roster – a move likely influenced by opportunities for higher visibility and potential growth within WWE’s global platform.

While fans are excited about what lies ahead for these talented women wrestlers individually following this memorable face-off at AEW Rampage; there is no denying that Kris Statlander vs Jade Cargill will go down as one of those matches where not just victory or defeat mattered but proving oneself did too!


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