In a groundbreaking moment for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the Saturday night episode of AEW Collision saw Kris Statlander retain her TBS Championship title against Britt Baker. This marked the first time that women headlined on this platform, making it a significant event in wrestling history. 🏆

The match was an intense showdown between two powerful competitors, with both Statlander and Baker demonstrating their prowess in the ring. The main event had fans at the edge of their seats as they watched these two athletes battle it out.

Baker almost clinched victory during several moments throughout the fight. She made a pin attempt which brought spectators to their feet, thinking she might have secured her win right then and there. But Statlander managed to escape just in time, keeping herself in contention for retaining her championship title.

Not one to back down easily, Baker continued her offensive strategy with another move – a second lockjaw mandible claw aimed at immobilizing Statlander. It seemed like all hope was lost for our reigning champion but true champions never give up so easily.

Statlander showed remarkable resilience and strength by turning things around once again when everyone thought she would lose under such pressure from Baker’s relentless attacks. In a surprising move that left viewers gasping, she got Baker into a pinning position.

This sudden turn of events shocked everyone present including Britt who found herself pinned down unexpectedly after having been so close to taking home the championship belt herself earlier on during their face-off.

With this victory over Britt Baker on AEW Collision, Kris Statlander not only retained her TBS Championship but also etched yet another milestone into women’s professional wrestling history by being part of its first-ever female-headlined show.

Meanwhile, Katsuyori Shibata is preparing himself for his upcoming title defense match following this exciting eventful evening full of surprises from start till end which kept fans hooked onto every single minute without any dull moment whatsoever throughout.

In conclusion, the latest episode of AEW Collision was nothing short of thrilling. Kris Statlander’s successful title defense against Britt Baker and Katsuyori Shibata gearing up for his upcoming match have set an exciting precedent for future events in professional wrestling. It is clear that both these athletes are at the top of their game, and fans can look forward to more electrifying matches in the near future.


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